New Models: Vyper Edition and Tytan


Comprehensive Coverage for Your DareDevil Mower
Loncin Engine Warranty - Coverage Period: 1 Year Loncin Engine US After-Sales Service Company Information AWS Global, INC. Contact Address: 1200 Minters Chapel Rd, Suite 200 Grapevine Texas 76051 Email: Toll Free 24 hour Hotline: 888-980-4937 Kohler Engine Warranty - Coverage Period: 3 Years We recommend that you use a Kohler authorized dealer for all maintenance, service, and replacement parts for engine. To find the Kohler authorized dealer, visit or call 1-800-544-2444 (U.S. and Canada). DareDevil Mower Warranty - Coverage Period: 1 Year Components Covered: -Electric Generator -Travel Motors -Travel Motors Controllers -Cutting Deck Actuator -Cutting Deck Actuator Controller -Starter/Starter Motor Batteries Warranty - Coverage Period: 6 Months Components Not Covered -Anything Under the Cutting Deck -Tracks -Bolts/Nuts -Remote Control Please Note: -Labor costs are not covered under this warranty. -For detailed information, please review our terms and conditions located in the footer of this page. The warranty is provided "as is" after it expires. If you have any questions or need assistance with your DareDevil Mower, please contact our customer service team at