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Daring mower! We are a prominent manufacturer of high-quality lawn mowers and outdoor equipment with a manufacturing warehouse in China and San Antonio Texas, a receiving hub center in Long Beach, California, and a distribution center in San Antonio, Texas. We create and build quality items. DareDevil Mower's products are only part of the equation. Our Texas customer service office provides great service. Our helpful customer service team is here to answer product queries, assist with orders, or just chat. We believe a customer's satisfaction has a major bearing on whether or not they will shop with the same brand again. We have invested a substantial amount of effort to distinguish ourselves from other online businesses, acquire our customer's trust, and establish a brand for ourselves. To do this, we've taken the following steps: ☑️ You will be working directly with a manufacturer ☑️ Each order is protected by NEXT Insurance ☑️ Partnered with Amazon Fulfillment Center to expedite future deliveries ☑️ Each machine is subjected to professional examination and tests by TUV SUD, whose certification and verification services are renowned globally ☑️ Now taking OEM orders with your logo ☑️ Customer support is always ready to assist

What Sets Us Apart

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The Mechanics

Get to know the basics of DareDevil Mower
Revolutionize your lawn care with the ULTIMATE RC Lawnmower, designed for efficiency and convenience. Tackle slopes up to 55 degrees with confidence using its powerful drive system. With self-charging capabilities via a built-in generator. Scroll down to discover how each innovative component of this revolutionary machine is engineered to deliver peak performance.
Power Your Lawn

Power Your Lawn

From Compact Yards to Commercial Spaces: Your Choice, Our Performance
Unleash the power of choice with our customizable lawn mowers, offering engine options from 9hp to 22hp. Perfect for any yard size, our mowers blend efficiency, durability, and precision cutting. Whether for personal use or commercial landscaping, find your perfect match and elevate your lawn care game. Choose power, choose performance, choose our mowers
Built-In Generator

Built-In Generator

Power Beyond Cutting
Experience the revolutionary lawnmower that not only perfects your lawn but also powers up your world! Our cutting-edge design includes a built-in generator, harnessing the engine's energy to generate electricity. This power is stored in a battery, ready to energize the mower's components and accessories, ensuring a seamless mowing experience. Mow smarter, not harder, with our innovative energy-efficient solution.
VersaCharge Batteries: Powering Your Lawn, Your Way

VersaCharge Batteries: Powering Your Lawn, Your Way

Double the Power, Double the Convenience
Our state-of-the-art batteries are here to revolutionize your mowing experience. Charge them up through a conventional wire or let the mower's own alternator do the work as you trim your lawn. Flexibility meets efficiency in this dual-charging innovation, ensuring you're always ready to tackle your garden's needs. Power up your mower in the way that suits you best and keep your green spaces pristine.
Master Any Slope

Master Any Slope

Unrivaled Efficiency with Brushless Technology
Our latest mower features a brushless drive motor, powered by batteries, driving the military-inspired tracks capable of handling slopes up to 55 degrees. This seamless integration of advanced technology ensures maximum efficiency and control, providing an environmentally friendly solution to conquer the most challenging terrains. Experience the future of lawn care—power, precision, and resilience combined to tackle any landscape with ease.
Mastering Slopes with Military-Inspired Technology

Mastering Slopes with Military-Inspired Technology

Unmatched Stability and Power for the Ultimate Mowing Precision
Our lawnmower's tracks provide superior traction and stability, drawing inspiration from military tank technology. These tracks are backed by a gearbox attached to each drive motor, ensuring synchronized and powerful movement. This combination of tracks and gearbox drives is instrumental in conquering challenging slopes and terrains.
Remote Mastery

Remote Mastery

Ultimate Control at Your Fingertips
Our lawnmower redefines convenience with its impressive 200-meter remote control range. Operate from a distance with unparalleled precision and safety, easily managing controls, cutting deck adjustments, and engine settings. Navigate effortlessly with zero-turn capability and choose your pace with high-low speed options. Plus, with camera option, you can ensure every inch of your lawn is perfectly manicured without stepping outside.

More Features

More Features - #1
Cutting Deck Height and Size
The cutting deck of the lawnmower is equipped with a remote-controlled actuator, allowing you to adjust the cutting height with precision. You can adjust the cutting height with the remote. You have the ability to select cutting deck size. This ensures that you have complete control over your lawn's appearance, even on uneven terrain.
More Features - #2
All Year Round Use
Enhance the lawnmower's versatility by adding a snowplow attachment, making it a year-round tool for lawn care and snow removal. (sold separately)
More Features - #3
Hitch and C Bumper
The lawnmower is equipped with a hitch for hauling, and a sturdy C bumper provides protection to vital components in the event of a roll-over accident.

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