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DareDevil Mower

DareDevil Mower DDM-50 2.0

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Now: $3,799.99
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2 Reviews

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    DareDevil Mower DDM-50 2.0

    Posted by BBQ Guy on Oct 21st 2023

    If you’re planning on using this to mow your yard, fine, enjoy. But this ALL TERRAIN Battle Bot shines in taking down 8’ tall Weeds, Briars, Brambles and Bushes, where YOU can’t climb, let alone stand, all the while keeping the two batteries charged. BOOM! What a powerhouse zero turn mower! Oh, the tracks scoops up a lot of debris, if you go extreme rotation on the turning. So don’t ignore that, or you’ll be digging weeds out…. A little finesse in your maneuvering will help… Frankly, as a general rule of thumb the majority of machines can use a little fine adjustment out of the crate. Take note of the rubber tracks tension. I made sure I could spin the tracks by hand without too much effort. The electric drive motors will thank you. The two chrome rods doing the job lifting the mower deck, may need attention for “fine” adjustment to be sure both sides are taking on equal weight of the engine deck. A couple of small TIPS. I love the fast and slow speeds. Backing up steep terrain works the best, I’ve found. Blow the dirt off when you’re done and it’ll look nice. This mower far exceeded my expectations. It’s a little “Tank”! Plenty of power!

  • 4

    Posted by August Mueller on Mar 16th 2023

    It’s good for my lawn but refilling it can be annoying specially I have a 2 acre land. I wish you can make the gas tank a little bigger but I can’t complain when all I have to do is push a button for the mower to come back. If you fix the gas tank capacity you’ll receive a 5 star from me and that’s of course if I can modify the DDM-50 I have now. Thanks